The Top Reasons You May Decide To Have A Concrete Driveway Replaced

Concrete is a relatively durable material. And should problems arise, many of them can be repaired. Small holes or cracks can be patched, and discoloration can be fixed by staining your concrete surface. Unfortunately though, not every problem can be repaired or fixed, and as durable as concrete is, it does not last forever. Here are a few of the top reasons why you may need to have your concrete driveway replaced. 

Your Driveway is Literally Crumbling Away

One of the signs that your concrete is nearing the end of its lifespan is concrete that is literally crumbling away. When it comes to driveways, you typically notice crumbling along the edges of the concrete first. In addition to the edges crumbling, you may notice the upper layer of concrete is starting to flake away. Flaking and crumbling is a signal to you that the concrete has reached the end of its lifespan and needs to be replaced. There is no way to repair crumbling or flaking concrete. 

There Are Large Potholes in Your Driveway

Another reason why you may decide to have a concrete driveway replaced is that there are large potholes in your driveway. Smaller holes in a driveway can be repaired. However, if you have one or more large holes, your concrete driveway likely needs to be removed and a new one needs to be installed. Large holes allow water to soak all the way through to the foundation that the driveway is laid atop, which can cause even more erosion. This will cause the problem to worsen with time, and the hole will grow. 

There Are Split Level Cracks In Your Driveway

The final reason why you may need to replace your driveway is that you have split-level cracks in your driveway. This means that there is a crack that has caused your concrete to be at two different levels, almost like a step. Small cracks that are level can be filled. However, split-level cracks cannot be repaired and they pose a tripping hazard. As such, you will need to replace the concrete driveway if there are split-level cracks in it. 

A concrete professional can work with you to help you determine when a concrete driveway may need repairs and when a concrete driveway may need replacement. Contact a concrete professional who specializes in driveway repair and replacement to help you determine whether you should replace your driveway now or whether you can put it off for a bit longer. For more information, contact a local concrete company, like Concreto Inc.